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This is the Ultimate F*CK OFF hat. The Deluxe Custom captain's hat is a custom hat design taken to THE NEXT LEVEL :) I mean I'm going to make you a motherf*cking HAT hahaha

Please complete your payment & I will personally be in contact with you to discuss size, colors and the style you want your hat to radiate!! Whether it be Mad Max, Unicorn Princess, Arabian Knights or Disco Mirror Diva, I will create a crazy ass, magic as f*ck masterpiece for you. 

Lights can be added to all hats. Please select this option below and the color lights you would like. 

Please note:

  • If special materials are required due to specific customer requests, there may be additional costs.
  • Please read the shipping information below on domestic vs. international shipping rates/payment.
  • All AUMI custom designs are 'made to order', meaning the piece is created after an order is placed. This ensures that each creation is handmade with love especially for you! Because of this, please allow 2 weeks before the shipment of your order.
  • You won't find many photos of my work online because I don't publish them.. too many people are copying them making some bad quality ripoffs and we don't want that do we?! So we will go through ideas together during the design process
  • Shipping for hats is calculated using regular airmail rates. I do however recommend FEDEX or DHL, which is more expensive. I will email you after you place your order to see if you want express shipping to arrange the additional payment.


Please note there is NO SHIPPING cost attached to this listing as I prefer to use fedex or DHL to ship hats, rather than regular airmail and cost depends on your location etc, but I will give you this option once the hat is completed. I will reach out to you to arrange separate payment of shipping once the hat is made!

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